A couple of days ago, while trying to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and drown out the screams of a hungry two-year-old, my memory pulled me back into what busy mornings used to sound and feel like in midtown Manhattan.

It’s been about a year since we moved. Still, I couldn’t help but remember how I rushedly used to take the Q train from 7th Avenue to Times Square or grab the 2 or 3 from Grand Army Plaza, and one of the few things that could set my week right was grabbing a much-needed cortado from Zibetto’s Espresso…

According to the International Society of Automation, “The human touch revolution is underway,” which sums up the intent of Industry 5.0. Greater assimilation and interconnectedness between humans and machines.

Industry 4.0 focused on connectivity (a.k.a #IoT) between devices and systems to achieve optimum performance and improve efficiencies and productivity. Industry 5.0 suggests if you are to achieve an optimal state of efficiency, humans need to lie at the intersection of technology, process, and design.

The events of 2020 have forced industrial sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and energy to pay more attention to the potential impact of industrial revolutions because…

How innovation in a time of crisis is changing the business operations landscape

When we look at moments of great change and innovation in technology, most advances resulted from an incredible need or pain point.

It’s no secret we’re in the middle of one of those moments in history that breeds uncertainty and challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented countries worldwide with problems they neither expected nor prepared for. And while the effects of and response to this unprecedented situation have had devastating consequences, we see more companies than ever working toward the advancement of human life through the power of technology and funded growth. …

Nikhil de Silva

Partner at Sayers. Ex-VP @Salesforce. Ex-Partner @PwC. Chair @ProspectParkCo. Playing at the intersection of human-centered design, data & next-gen intelligence

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